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Decision-making is your prerogative; make your decision count with the right insights to your business.

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As a CEO, you need to be in control of your business, without the visibility to every department of your organization is leading blind rather than seeing the big picture for a transforming leadership. That is a problem you don't want to deal with when company growth is at stake.

Finance Leadership

Managing Topline versus bottom line is the key to success and calibrating it is a class act. With multiple stakeholders invested in the success of the business, it is the responsibility of the CEO to keep watch over the financial state of the organization. Sunovaa customized services and solutions across BI & Analytics tools that help you stay abreast so you can:

  • Measure the gross profit margin.
  • Understand where you are in the cash conversion cycle.
  • Pinpoint the ROI per channel.
CEO HR Leadership

HR Leadership

CEO HR Leadership

Organization is only as goodas its people. No one knows this better than HR - which is why you trust the HR department to overseeemployee satisfaction, engagement and recruiting.With Sunovaa customized services and solutions on Industry best of the breed tools and applications, you have the power to:

  • Pinpoint the recruitment cost per employee.
  • Measure the number of appraisals completed on time.
  • Better understand your rate of employee attrition and retention.
  • Manage the employee engagement and satisfaction across the organization.
  • Manage the success of employee engagement programs

IT Leadership

CEOs want access to critical business data at their fingertip, but they also want to steer clear of overloading the IT department with requests. Too often the long queue of report requests weighs IT down. Sunovaa provided customized services and solutions on industry standard technology tools that provides a platform where CEOs are free to find answers to their own questions to:

  • See how quickly helpdesk requests are being closed.
  • Measure the cost of service delivery.
  • Determine the efficiency of IT Infrastructure and efficiency of employees.
  • Determine the efficiency of new hire on boarding.
CEO HR Leadership

Marketing Leadership

CEO HR Leadership

CMOs are experts at keeping a finger on the pulse of the marketing organization. They need to understand ROI on money spent so that they can determine how best to allocate resources. CEO needs to keep a close eye on marketing rather than waiting for the updates from his CMO. Sunovaa understands your needs and provides customized services and solutions irrespective of tools and applications to address it:

  • Understand return on marketing investment (ROMI).
  • See campaign performance by channel.
  • Measure marketing's overall contribution by revenue.
  • Get instant notifications when key metrics need attention.

Sales Leadership

CEOs like to keep a close watch on sales performance, matrices no different from the sales leadership. The key matrices being how are my sales executives performing? Which opportunities are being neglected? Most of the time, CEOs have no way to access that information without getting it directly from the head of sales. With Sunovaa customized services and solutions, CEOs can use the right metrics to:

  • See real-time performance metrics of sales executives.
  • View deals that are predicted to close.
  • Understand funnel dynamics and pipeline coverage.
  • Monitor which sales executives are not meeting quota.
CEO HR Leadership

Sales Team Scorecard

CEO HR Leadership

Like professional team sports, all sales executives have key strengths and weaknesses. But can you see those strengths and weaknesses holistically? Now you can with Sunovaa customized best of the breed solutions and services build upon industry standard tools and application. And with that knowledge, you can build the ace sales team you've always wanted.

  • View how your sales executives perform against each other
  • Know sales executives performance versus planned goals
  • Establish the employment tenure versus performance, a key indicator of results
  • The gaps in the sales cycles, follow-ups and conversion with a direct correlation with customer acquisition cost.

Profit & Loss

As it is said, the end game is always about making money, don't loose your focus on it. But what if you are losing money, how wouldyou know? You need to know the pulse of your bottom-line all the time through reporting and real-time forecasting. Sunovaa helps you choose the right tools for developing customized solutions for your organization.

  • Compare your current income statement to any previous period
  • Track gross profit margin and operating margin on a daily basis
  • Set text and email alerts for disproportionate spending
  • Planned versus unplanned expenditure alerts prior to spending
  • Monitor the planned
CEO HR Leadership

Customer Service Leadership

CEO HR Leadership

Managing customer relationship is high on priority list of CEO as their satisfaction is a barometer to indicate the direction of the company. Company branding will do well, if the customers’ relationships are managed well.

  • Monitoring customer tickets and closure of tickets, time taken for closure etc.
  • Customer satisfaction reports that imbibe how the customer has been treated across the touch points inside the company.
  • View how your customer service agents are stacked up with each other performance and customer handling.
  • All key customer satisfaction parameter are constantly reported and addressed by the region, agent, issues etc.

Competitive Benchmark

Most of the time bigger the competitor, are the slowest. With key financial data right at your fingertips, you’ll be better informed to make decisions in less time—so you can always stay ahead of the competition.

  • Measure your company as financial health relative to the competition.
  • Compare publicly available financial statement from key competitors.
  • Seize opportunities with key insights into competitive advantage.
CEO HR Leadership

BI Reports & Dashboards

Ceo with BI

The days of CEOs waiting hours for the delivery of a paper report are long gone. Now, many forward-thinking CXO’s are making use of visual dashboards to gain insight into their company, rather than relying on CIOs or IT professionals to do it for them.

Executive Officer business dashboards make it easy to view overall company performance, monitor individual employee performance, and view other detailed reports and analytics using single or multiple data sources.

The centralized, integrated nature of CEO data dashboards allows you to view sales metrics, employee performance and more in real time, without having to spend time generating or chasing reports and spreadsheets.


  • Reduction in operating expenses.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Improve growth, competitiveness and market position.
  • Customer acquisition, loyalty and retention.
  • Product development and differentiation.

Data Visualization

Ceo with BI

Time to spend over multiple spreadsheets trying to understand the complexity of data and relationship with multiple parameters are best explained by the visualization. The key to decision making lies in understanding the patterns emerging out for a timely decision making in the areas of business.

Want to see your revenue growth rate in real time? Of course you do—especially when you can visualize it in a way that’s intuitive and easy to understand.


  • Solutions to complex problems are simplified for easy decision making.
  • Key visual insights to projections and business planning.
  • Key insights that will give competitive advantage to seize business opportunities.

Advanced Analytics

Ceo with BI

Make top-level decisions with the benefit of deep insights that drive better business performance. Sunovaa solution arms you with the information you need to successfully manage your business.

Most of the Leaders are visionaries but a visionary also needs to assess their plans and possibly see outcomes that can happen with the projections. Predictive analytics helps you decipher the future possibilities.


  • Solutions to enable planning for future and adjusting the planned versus achieved targets.
  • Key insights to learn from others in the industry by drawing parallels from similar industries.
  • Reducing the learning curve for go-to-market and projects by assessing risk and quicker assessment based on projections and scenarios.

Data Services

Ceo with BI

The major challenge for most organizations and users lies in the multiple sources of data and relationship in them. The key challenges that occur for most of the organization is over the period the veracity of the data is in doubt. DI/DQ solutions help in Data cleansing and Integrity for correct analytics and decision-making.

Connect to any source of data, so you can see everything from cash balance to revenue growth rate to ROI all in one place.


  • Solutions that will help you confirm the veracity of the data and provide you true analysis.
  • Data modeling solutions based on multiple data sources for easy and correct predictions and analytical results.
  • See all the results from practically all data sources through the best of the breed data connectors built by Sunovaa.