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Business Intelligence for Finance

Meet your organization financial goals by keeping a tab on your organization's financial success matrix.

From Data to Insight - how "full-stack" BI operations enable CFOs to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business environment.

Solution by Role

CFO/EVP Finance

Ensuring compliance with changing financial regulations is enough to keep any executive awake, but that's just one part of your job. You need to keep the company on course on the financial objectives communicating value to investors, analysts, and employees - all while planning for the future. Sunovaa provides customized solutions for executive dashboards make this easier by transforming data into actionable insights that takes into account your technology landscape and work on the tools that will seamlessly integrate with the current environment.

  • Create forecasts that integrate financial data with key metrics from sales, marketing, operations, and more.
  • Quickly see how every department contributes to revenue.
  • Get real-time alerts when financial metrics dip or spike beyond levels you set.

Finance Controllers

You have memorized Excel, Pivot Table, V-Lookup and using spreadsheets for calculations, but regular usage of them for reporting and monitoring financials is an absolute disaster. Sunovaa provides customized solutions on your tools preference makes spreadsheets and other datasets work together in real-time, on your Finance Dashboard that will enable you and your team to collaborate in real time.

  • Track revenue streams across multiple variables.
  • Customize how you see financial visualizations.
  • See big-picture data--like your cash balance or gross profit margin--without having to request a single report.
  • Monitoring of AP, AR, Budgets vs Achieved, Variance Reporting, Gross Margins etc.


The amount of data generated in accounting world is intimidating, P&L, AP/AR, ROI and has the language of numbers that only the accounting fraternity understands. It is hard to make sure nothing slips by unnoticed. Sunovaa analytics and reporting solutions are built on the tools that will lets you view financial data holistically so it's easier to identify any mistake.

  • Quickly pinpoint problem areas in the balance sheet.
  • Streamline the reporting process with real-time data.
  • Set alerts for sensitive metrics--like outstanding balances or debt payments--so you never lose track of cash flow.
  • Intuitive reporting on the assets, liabilities, invoices, lease, performance, compensation, expenses etc.

Financial Analysts

Accurate financial reporting, is a must for Financial Analyst but the assessments depends upon the data behind them. Sunovaa choice of intelligent tools can add new dimensions to uni-dimensional spreadsheets so you can confidently share all the metrics with execs.

  • Reduce reporting errors with data that updates seamlessly.
  • Merge and manipulate financial metrics easily.
  • Focus on the big picture--or drill in on details--with stunning, dynamic visualizations.


You dread loosing money in your sleep and wake up in the night? Wake up to fresh reporting and real-time forecasting.

  • Compare your current income statement to any previous period.
  • Track gross profit margin and operating margin on a daily basis.
  • Set text and email alerts for disproportionate spending.

Finance Trends

  • Forecast Profit & Loss in real-time.
  • Set accountability across teams.
  • Create alerts for a more proactive and seamless payroll.

Balance Sheet

  • Determine how well your business is utilizing it's current assets.
  • Analyze your shareholder's equity percent change by quarter.
  • Set alerts for increases in capital expenditure.

BI Reports & Dashboards

Ceo with BI

CFO’s need to be able to get insights across business processes to deliver answers to complex questions not easily deciphered from standard reports or they will not succeed in today’s business landscape.

Powerful BI tools can decentralize the organization, optimize workflows and provide CFOs with real-time data access and data analytics. Cloud systems can reduce or eliminate the need for investments in hardware, infrastructure and technical specialists required to maintain upgrades and repairs to the system. At the end of the day, companies need a powerful financial management system that allows them to accurately budget, plan and forecast.


  • ROI their software investments.
  • Enhance usage of finance data through BI Dashboard & Reports.
  • Accuracy of finance data to other parts of the business.
  • Informed budgeting and investment decisions in real time.

Data Visualization

Ceo with BI

Transforming financial data into a cohesive story consumes time, resources, and sanity. To keep tabs on everything, you need data from accounting platforms, ERP systems, spreadsheets, and a bevy of legacy software. It’s hard to show people the money when your data is all over the place.


  • The intuitive visualizations make financial reports easy to consume.
  • Get all your information and analysis of your complex data in bar graphs and pie diagrams.
  • Overall, access to company’s “Big Picture”.

Advanced Analytics

Ceo with BI

Become a blue eyed boy of your CEO by providing him the most updated information and analysis. Sunovaa Solutions bring all your finance data together in one place, and makes it easier than ever to communicate your financial health to key stakeholders. With relevant, real-time data at your fingertips, you can mitigate doubt from financial decisions. Manual reporting is a drag. Sunovaa Solutions prepare data automatically so you can spend less time waiting on answers and more time acting on them.


  • Mitigate risk by using big data analytics by checking projections based on current parameters.
  • Learn from others by bench marking with best financial practices and experience.
  • Make better-informed decisions in less time, so you can maximize profitability and productivity.

Data Services

Ceo with BI

Finance Wizards lives in numbers their world is built around it. This world has its own complications, wondering what caused that spike in revenue yesterday? With Sunovaa Solutions you can collaborate with your team right where the data lives—no need to schedule a meeting or conference call.


  • Connect to any source of financial data you need, and merge sources together to drill for insights they can’t give you individually.
  • Monitor the spikes and lows in revenues and drill down to the root cause with data analytics.
  • Engage your customers and provide them early warnings on their pain areas and how finance will impact them.