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IT & Internal Applications

Enable your collogues, Provide a intuitive interface to answer their business queries.

Over the years IT department roles have changed, from the backroom support function they have been pushed to the forefront to the lead the IT & Internal Applications Leadership role. Beginning from adaption to new tools to knowing software applications and now the plunge into the world of Business Intelligence & Data Analytics. IT department not just manage various systems that takes care of your company's business information. On the flipside of being the guardian of IT applications and data, you start getting endless request for reports. Isn't that familiar?

With Sunovaa best of the breed customized solutions built on various BI products and tools best matched to the technology environment your IT team can build and manage all the business metrics you care about in a single solution.

Beyond monitoring IT needs to support decision-making in the organization the ability to find the answers to their business queries without waiting on IT to build reports. Sunovaa customized solutions provides your Decision-Makers the best of the breed BI reporting & Dash board applications on your chosen tools and technologies.

Solution by Role

IT Leadership

Business Leadership of organization needs to be ahead of competition all the time; it needs IT & Internal application Leadership to recognize the role that business directions play and how technology needs to be in step with the organization strategic directions.

Sunovaa helps you select the right BI platform that seamlessly merges with your current IT environment enabling you to have a complete picture of your IT organization matrix of reports.

  • Manage the complete life cycle of Tickets by category, department, listings and closure of the tickets by the SLAs agreed upon with the end customer.
  • Monitor the various internal projects are they on course or if delays are happening what are the reasons and how to do the risk mitigation.
  • Escalation by issue, department, listings, customers & SLAs of the organization needs to be carefully monitored as the organization reputation depends on it.


IT organization backbone is Project Management Office and Project Manager is always under pressure to monitor the health of each project on the floor, timelines, cost escalations, reports and of all meeting the SLA's with customers. Yes, you can get the most technologically advanced BI & Analytics applications to manage:

  • Projects management, status, completion stages, escalations and resolutions without exceeding the cost of the project.
  • Tasks management, new, completed, on-going, time taken to complete tasks etc.
  • Issues reported, new, resolved, unassigned, open and time spent on the issues resolutions.
  • Man hours are delivered as planned development, testing, solution development, pre-sales and support in delivery of the project.

Network Management

Network management is an important KPI of IT department, as the company operations runs on it and it is imperative for Admin to ensure that voice and data network are working round the clock without much downtime.

  • 99.5% uptime for network with planned maintenance for smooth working of the organization data backbone.
  • Monitoring latency factor is a key for healthy management of voice network in an organization for businesses to run smoothly.
  • Managing Servers on-premises and cloud for query response and running of software seamlessly and on-demand by users in the organization.

IT Security

The business complexity is increasing and so is the battle for market share. The online security in the digital era is of utmost importance along with the critical and high security access needs to be carefully monitored for internal breaches. Sunovaa has developed reports based on the critical matrix on Analytics tools and applications to ensure the safety of your organization from security breaches internally and externally.

  • Monitoring web traffic by category and focusing on any abnormal activity tracking on the web to ward any security threats.
  • Blocking of IP addresses involved in the net attack and reporting it the compliance authorities.
  • Risk analysis and tracking of attack either virus or net attack by preempting with patches or proactive security measures based on the incisive reporting through dashboards.
  • Internal unauthorized accesses and security breaches by employees reporting to departments and ensuring internal security.

Help Desk

The internal business stakeholder needs your help to manage there internal work related challenges it could be just installation of patches, desktop support or just routine work of allocation of emails, software, computers etc. The employees are on the go your challenges lies in addressing their issues.

  • Tickets & issues logged by priority, department and monitored by the hours taken to address till closure.
  • Escalation matrix to define the issues, logging, and monitor it through out the cycle till closure by department, severity, tracker etc.

BI Reports & Dashboard

Ceo with BI

IT & Internal Application team can build and manage the holistic metrics that is required for the business on a single/multi vendor BI and analytics solution with Sunovaa. IT has a mandate to address the business decision makers quest for answers without worrying when will the IT will provide the reports. Sunovaa builds the customized solution keeping in view your current and future needs of yours and your company to achieve stellar results that you planned for.


  • Connect to any source of data, to observe the service availability, implementation duration, to security-related service downtimes, in a single visualization.
  • Track implementation, projects, duration on the go? Sunovaa best of the breed stunning visualizations make it easy to keep track what is high on your priority.
  • Notice an increase in the number of security threats? Ping your team members who know why and collaborate seamlessly to assess and act on the situation.
  • Manage never-ending requests and escalation through tickets report and monitor the health of your IT organization.

Data Visualization

Ceo with BI

Sunovaa best of the breed solutions creates stunning visualizations that not only make it easy for you to manage but is easy on the pockets too. Managing escalations, tickets was never so easy just start a chat session with the people on your team who are in charge and competence to know why and collaborate seamlessly to assess and provide the best solution to the situation.


  • Optimize your own IT initiatives and empower people across the entire organization to find answers to their business questions, so you can focus on doing your job.
  • Tracking project inside the organization with best of the breed stunning visualizations for your customers inside the organization.
  • Multiple production issues can be tracked through the visualization on the go through mobile data visualization.

Advanced Analytics

Ceo with BI

Connect to any source of data, so you can see everything from internal application, to project implementation duration, to security-related issues, all in one dashboard.

Optimize your own IT initiatives and empower people across the entire organization to find answers to their business questions, so you can focus on your business transformation initiatives.


  • Enable your organization ability on machine learning for building flawless products and services.
  • Support your organization track business metrics efficiently for your business users.
  • Give business decision makers the ability to find the answers to their own questions.

Data Services

Ceo with BI

To have multiple sources of data, format is a nightmare for providing manual reporting. Its high time for you to introduce applications and tool to take over manual mixing and matching data sources to see the right metrics. Let Sunovaa define the right application and tolls to manage all data sources for all the works that you need to do.


  • Forget manually mixing and matching data sources to see the right metrics, define the right solutions that work best for your organization.
  • Maintain the integrity and quality of data as one truth through out the organization for the right analytics and decision making,.
  • Data services for delivering the most impactful reports across stake holders.