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Get an overview of customer matrix of everything from lead, prospect, acquisition to win and more.

Your brand powered by data-driven marketing, align strategies to address market shifts, customer sentiment, and developing trends. Boost marketing ROI through better targeting and campaign performance.

That's where business intelligence (BI) solutions comes in. It can help you look at your data in new ways, and draw actionable insights that allow you to more effectively and efficiently allocate resources.

Solution by Role


Marketing executives need to account for every single spend to strategically allocate resources that clearly provides corelationship with revenue generated. Sunovaa custom build applications provides a single source of truth on a Marketing Dashboard that brings all that marketing insights that you need to make all marketing activities count.

  • See campaign performance by channel, medium and markets.
  • Assess individual initiatives' contribution to revenue vis-ŕ-vis team contribution.
  • Get instant alerts when key metrics need attention or there is a change in expected result matrix.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is critical to success of any marketing organization, the the new age marketing tool faces the challenge of corelating investments to actual revenue. Further complexity is added to customer information silos existing in every digital marketing channel. Bringing all that together for analysis is a complex process. Sunovaa deep domain experience makes it possible by building customized applications on the best of the breed Analytical tools and products.

  • Analyze cost, performance, and revenue contribution by chanel and campaigns
  • Indepth understanding of each initiatives that drive the most impact and address those that needs improvement enables fine tuning of each campaign.
  • See real-time performance metrics for paid search, social, email, and any efforts that will require use of online medium.

Marketing Operations

Huge amount of data is collected over different channel of marketing. To further complicate every marketing application has its own reporting and analytics engine, but more often than not is under utilized and failed to give the complete picture. Analyzing cross-channel data can be tedious, but Sunovaa Solutions changes that.

  • Understand and deliver the marketing initiatives that drive success and delivers on the matrix.
  • Implement true closed-loop recommendations and evolve over a period of time.
  • Manage budgets in real-time and increase value of each initiatives and campaign.

PR & Communications

Measuring matrix of success and failures has been the bane of PR and communications professionals, it is time to make the change that will move beyond the traditional value matrix. The real-time performance metrics is brought to you by Sunovaa customized solution build on the industry preffered applications that help you take the guesswork out of reporting.

  • Measure how many deals that are influenced through the PR campaigns and press release.
  • Eliminate manual, time-consuming reporting processes for better monitoring and results.
  • See which initiatives, channels, and publications are driving web traffic and conversions.

Field Marketing

Role of Field marketing has been limited and its more of operational arm of corporate marketing making it tough to nail down ROI. It is difficult to measure business meetings and interactions though highly valuable but difficult to prove the worth. Sunovaa Solutions can help you do that by customizing the available BI & Analytics tools to deliver on the ground.

  • See all touch-points contributing to closed-won deals
  • Analyze pipeline contribution for field marketing channels
  • Know which target segments are cost-effective and worth future investment

BI Reports & Dashboards

Ceo with BI

Distill large amounts of data to implement successful strategies based on the information. By monitoring the right key performance indicators (KPIs), businesses can see trends that would otherwise be hidden. Dashboards with the right key performance indicators can act like an alarm clock, notifying you when certain KPIs are under or over-performing.

Compete with larger business, on an even t playing field. The Dashboard provides the key insights into trends that can't be seen using other methods.


  • Marketing Return on Investment.
  • Monitor the Incremental Sales.
  • Use insight to Web Traffic Sources for better online sales.
  • Monitor the Goals of marketing activities.
  • Increase the Average Lead Score.
  • Monitor the performance of External Website Links.
  • Increase Net Promoter Score.
  • Increase in Keyword Performance.

Data Visualization

Ceo with BI

It is imperative to understand lead versus cost of acquisition rather than doing manual reporting for every campaign. Sunovaa customized BI & analytics does the huffing and puffing to automatically prepare data for you. You can see each channel ROI through engaging visualization that’s engaging, informative, and easy to understand.

If there is a steep drop in the channel ROI or unusual activity on the web you can just connect through chat application with the team who know to discover answers without needing another meeting or emails.


  • Manage and monitor complete goals of marketing activities in a single window.
  • Monitor your web marketing initiatives goals through intuitive real time updates of results for changing the campaigns.
  • ROI of channel marketing activities to adhere to targets of sales.

Advanced Analytics

Ceo with BI

With Sunovaa choice of tools, marketing information that would typically take hours to get together is automatically delivered to you, how and when you want it. But that’s only the beginning. Succeed with insights that drive better marketing decisions, that are proactively delivered or result through exploration by marketing team.


  • Monitor the performance of External Website Links and benchmark for similar industry to fine tune the link exchange programs.
  • Increase Net Promoter Score by finding out through big data the activities conducted by similar business.
  • Increase in Keyword Performance by using predictive analytics for the right key words at the lowest pricing.

Data Services

Ceo with BI

Connect to any source of marketing data, so you can see everything from social to email to display in one place. The key to marketing lies in the continuously updating the customer data and monitoring it customer life cycle management. Customer list management to avoid spamming customers is a key aspect of managing customer life cycle management of data.


  • Increase the average lead score by massaging the customer data.
  • Maintain and update customer records have the multiple engagement and transactions for predicating the possibilities of what and when.
  • Maintain the data of customer activities conducted to avoid spamming and managing customer list as per the preferences of the individuals.