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Operations is the backbone of the organization, make the insights count in running it optimally.

Operations professionals have fingers in every pie--supply chain, finance, sales, marketing, and more. But just because you're a jack-of-all-trades doesn't mean your data is too. It can be hard to access the metrics you need, and even harder to make sense of them all.

Sunovaa Solutions build on some great BI tools gives you real-time access to the information you need. Want to see how supplier deliveries impact your fulfillment cycle? How call duration affects your bottom line? No problem. Sunovaa solutions and services lets you combine data from multiple sources into a single dashboard—so you can make better decisions in less time.

Solution by Role


To build efficiency, cannot be a long drawn process. Having access to reports, analyses, and forecasts is one thing, but defining a plan to use it is a another challenge. Sunovaa works with all major technology BI tools to deliver operationsinsights in real-time, so that youare in control no matter where you are.

The key to Operations Leaders, require them to be able to quickly identifybacklogs/gaps in the fulfillment cycle by:

  • Monitor employee churn and see where training is needed
  • Track project completion rates from sales, finance, marketing, and more--in one place

Product & Opportunities

Survival of the fittest is the order of the day, to do that you need to Innovate. It's the mantra product teams live by as they are constantly looking out for gap and new opportunities in the market. Sunovaa customized solutions on best of the breed tools gives you a comprehensive view of your data in real-time--so you can jump ahead of your competitors and stay ahead.

  • View customer feedback in relation to any other data
  • Filter within datasets to track product trends and timelines
  • Track issues, complaints, complaints resolved, for products, services, support, customer services to stay ahead of competition.
  • Monitor project management, criticality, issue tracking, resolution and other key parameter.
  • Expenses by product line, service line and tracking of P/L for each LOB.
  • Delve into stunning visualizations that help you ask targeted questions and challenge assumptions

Supply Chain Management

SCM Managers are the frontline for the nitty-gritty aspect of everyday for operations to run smoothly. Efficiency is the key to be successful at managing SCM and with all your data in one place, Sunovaa customized dashboard and analytics services and solutions helps you innovate in ways never before possible.

  • Pinpoint ways to maximize space and resources
  • Identify the real-time carrying cost of your inventory.
  • Improve accuracy and speed of delivery for orders.
  • Manage service tickets, resolution time taken, escalation matrix, meeting SLA's etc.
  • Managing customer satisfaction and being part of creating value in the system.

Customer Services

When things go wrong, someone has to give the bad news to the customers/ clients. That is not the cause to fear the customer. With precise data available to you on the go, it's easy to address the issues as they come and prevent them in the future.

  • Eliminate service backlogs by streamlining ticket resolution.
  • Get alerts when new tickets arrive and as they get resolved.
  • Tickets by season, by products, by services and time to resolve that.
  • Demand by month, by season, products, equipment's, location covering forecasted, actuals and met that were being addressed and met.

BI Analytics & Dashboards

Ceo with BI

Operations can get real-time access to the information that they need by connecting multiple sources of data and combine then into a single dashboard so you can make better decisions in less time. Sunovaa can connect to all key data sources used in the industry. With everything in one place, you can discover answers to any question.


  • Combine data from multiple sources into a single dashboard.
  • See how supplier deliveries impact your fulfillment cycle. How call duration affects your bottom line.
  • Accurate reports eliminate guesswork from backlog order fulfillment, scattered email threads and status updates meetings and collaborate where the data lives.

Data Visualization

Ceo with BI

Get intuitive visualizations made to your exact specifications—it’s okay to be high-maintenance when operational efficiency is on the line. It is important to have a single source of truth for the entire Operations rather than working in silos. The efficiency of Operations is critical for the company and needs to be the top priority for any organization to remain competitive. The key areas that your organization can benefit from are:


  • See the complete operations information in a easy to understand visualization for quick decision making.
  • Monitor operations department goals in a single screen with highlights of aberrations.
  • Tracking of Backlogging of orders in real time and understanding the reasons for delay.
  • Tickets for issues, time taken to address the issues, overall tracking the SLAs agreed by the companies

Advanced Analytics

Ceo with BI

Can’t figure out what’s backlogging order fulfillment? Eliminate scattered email threads and statuses update meetings and collaborate where the data lives. The operations and Supply Chain Managements metrics are depended upon the multiple factors, department and vendors that form the backbone of the organization. This also leads to monitoring of the dependencies in the organization. Sunovaa customized solutions and services enables you to reach their with least hiccups.


  • Manage your operations efficiency by addressing the productivity of resources.
  • Managing just-in-time inventory in SCM to reduce warehouse cost.
  • Eliminate service tickets by using big data analytics for preventive maintenance.
  • Monitoring of equipment’s, maintenance schedules, shifts and training of deployed resources that enables the organizations to meet the SLA’s of the order.

Data Services

Ceo with BI

Data manipulation can be time-consuming and complex, but Sunovaa Solutions handles the grunt work of extraction and cleaning. Sunovaa Solutions can connect to all key data sources used in the industry. With everything in one place, you can discover answers to any question.


  • Managing multiple sources of data to get the complete picture of operations department.
  • Expedite the entry and go to market strategies for introducing services and products in the market.
  • Enable better inventory management for saving cost for the organization.