Power & Energy
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Power, Energy & Utilities

It is just not about Power & distribution grids but managing efficiency across the board with real-time reports and dashboards

Power & Energy consumption is ever increasing and is the hart of the world economies. At the same time they system designed are not effective and efficient. To identify the inefficiencies it is critical to monitor them.

BI Reports & Dashboard

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Power and Energy companies can gain efficiencies in their power manufacturing processes, grids, transmission etc. The management of power and energy needs to find way to reduce cost and build in efficiencies in the entire chain.


  • Reports and Dashboards to monitor all critical operations of the plant, transmission grids etc.
  • Maintenance, breakdowns, prevention of critical systems to maintain the supply of power and energy.
  • Monitor and report on carbon emissions, cost of power etc.
  • Dashboard on shifts, efficiencies, man power, training etc.

Data Visualization

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Improve profit margins, resource utilization and customer satisfaction

  • Improve grid utilization.
  • Discover opportunities in oil and gas production.
  • Provide exceptional customer service.

Access all your production, customer and weather data to maximize profitability

Sunovaa Data visualization allows analysts to rapidly access and transform disparate data to identify patterns easily and accurately to pinpoint opportunities in oil and gas production, grid utilization, profitability, capacity, performance, and even customer service.

By providing the ability to access all your data that helps users to:


  • Blend all your data for a more complete understanding – including customer usage, weather, production and pricing data
  • Confidently predict demand based on up-to-the-moment intelligence on user behavior, market changes, historic data, and factors that will affect production
  • Take advantage of greater transparency into operational expenses in order to manage and even reduce costs
  • Analyze information on the fly by providing answers to questions as they occur, rather than poring through mountains of dense reports.
  • Actively manage risk through performance, trend, downtime loss and analysis

Advanced Analytics

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Today’s power, energy and utility companies face an unfamiliar landscape in which they must integrate alternative energies, expand situational awareness across the system, and deepen their relationships with customers, while continuing to do what they have always done—delivering reliable, safe and affordable energy to everyone. The most successful companies will be the ones that can compete, optimize, engage and succeed on all these fronts, while anticipating further change. 


  • Analyze smart grid data to find ways to minimize consumption and improve sustainability.
  • Use analytics to optimize the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Find optimal locations for a predefined number of injector and producer wells to optimize production.
  • Use analytics to develop a set of controls to optimize well production while minimizing water consumption.
  • Use commuter data to optimize traffic flow to reduce gas consumption.
  • Predict oil & gas prices based on historic data.
  • Visualize energy usage patterns for home, blocks, neighborhoods, cities.

Data Services

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Demand for accurate power, energy & utilities data, for differentiated services and undivided attention for your customers.

Energy data services as unique as your organization.

All too often metering issues or complex industry arrangements get in the way of a strong customer relationship. Sunovaa data solutions are here to assist you and support the growth of those relationships. You can be confident that your data meets the highest standards in the industry. We can transfer energy data directly to your systems, whilst taking the hassle out of procurement and invoice validation, maximizing the time you can devote to your customers.

Sunovaa Data services consistently outperform grid supply data in terms of data quality. In addition we can further add value to your customer offering by giving you access to Unrivaled data performance.


  • Highest quality data cleansing services.
  • Independence from suppliers ensures uninterrupted service.
  • One point of contact for all metering and data issues, for every utility.
  • Access to analysis and reporting services to differentiate your offering and drive retention.