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You live by your Sales Targets; Get Insights that will help you achieve them.

To understand why people are buying or not buying your product or services. Do you have the process in place to review your sales wins and losses? Discover KPI Analytics; Redefine Accountability and Decisions. To deliver on quotas, sales teams need the right information, take the guessing out of your work are over. Sometimes the information you need is in your CRM, or an analytics platform, or a spreadsheet, or a dialer. The point is, it's all over the place.

With Sunovaa customized solutions that are built on best of the tools and technologies to collect data, analyze trends, and make correlations on a variety of pipeline metrics. By bringing semblance to this information, sales leaders can:

  • Get answers to key sales questions about their pipeline.
  • Improve decision making for the business.
  • Refine sales processes with insight into prospect engagement.

Solution by Role


Sales are the breadwinner of the organization, leading a sales organization is never an easy task. Beginning from contacts to leads to prospect and finally customer takes careful nurturing and monitoring of pipeline. It is always the endeavor to run it more efficiently, and focus on nurturing new territories. A single truth that provides you the complete view of sales operation, Sunovaa provides you the Analytics & BI Solutions build on the comprehensive applications and tools that gives you the access to each steps in your sales organization performance.

  • Zero in on neglected opportunities in your pipeline and ensure that is right back in cue for closure.
  • Monitor deals that are next in line to close for real time and ensure that no slippage occurs.
  • Track period-over-period sales development, territories growth pattern including by product, services and by each sales person.
  • Overall reduce gap between forecasting and sales closure and deliver on the sales goals.

Sales Management

Sales Teams are quite emotional, they Yo-Yo on success and failures and needs your leadership to guide them on sales strategy and closure support. Though different sales executives have different needs, with a complexity extending over wide-ranging verticals, opportunity sizes, and territories only makes it more difficult. Sunovaa solutions and services build on top of the BI & analytics tools to convert loads of data into actionable insights, so that you make your move with confidence and direct the sales team with precision.

  • Keep an eye on sales executive individual and team performance in real-time
  • Make sales forecasts that are more accurate and transparent that tells you the complete story for decision-making.
  • Get alerts when metrics you care about hit thresholds you set before its tool late.

Sales Operations

Selling requires the skills that require both EQ & IQ in equal parts. The best way to set you on course delivering it through solutions that are cloud and mobile ready analytics, and ever-evolving software that can give you a decisive edge over your competitor, that provides you the incisive insights you need.

Sunovaa customized BI & analytics solutions and services that take out the uncertainty out of the process bybringing together your most important salesmetrics at one place.

  • Establish data-backed best practices for contracts and pricing.
  • Reduce your cost-per-lead with efficient resource allocation.
  • Collaborate directly with marketing for better lead generation.

Sales Executives

Every Sales Executive swears by the commission checks and considers that as a true measure of success. It is important to keep your time and energy focused on the conversion of your pipeline into sales.

Sunovaa customized solutions and services on the most sales friendly BI & Analytics application give you that information in a most easily usable insights that enables closure of deals and helps you stay ahead of your colleagues.

  • See the big picture with your entire closure prospect, closed and about to close pipeline at one place.
  • Highlight the areas of your sales cycle that need your attention and help you nail down the gaps in your deal closure.
  • Manage all your leads at one place so nothing slips inadvertently through lack of attention or slippage at your end.

Sales Development

You cannot make money on dead-end sales leads it requires constant nurturing to be converted when they are ready. Sunovaa customized solutions and services help you focus on relevant, real-time metrics that makes you win all through.

  • Filter within datasets to highlight regional sales trends and what are the showstoppers.
  • Quickly track account progression from contact to leads to prospect to a customer who and finally contracts closure.
  • Give you the confidence in the leads that you put in the pipeline will pass the grades to closure.

Sales Executives Scorecard

Not all members in a team have same strengths and weakness and have different temperament and needs to be guided individually. Similarly, sales executives have key strengths and weaknesses and if you have a close view of that, you can plan your sales team to be a winning team that wins in the market place. Now you can access these insights through the Sunovaa customized solutions and services build on the BI & Analytics application that you envied is well within your reach.

  • View how your sales executives perform against each other.
  • Know sales executive performance across the critical parameter that you want to track.
  • The employment duration correlates to performance of the Sales Executives without the hassle of going through the manual reports.

Opportunity Center

All the sales target depends upon the insights on the open leads. Deeper insights provided to your sales leaders on the most important aspects of their open opportunities enables them to be on top of closures. From neglected to intuitively dig into sales opportunities and find insights that effectively close deals is the perfection that Sales leaders looks for. Sunovaa with in-depth domain expertise in developing customized solution on various BI & Analytics application leads you to closure of deals.

  • Track most neglected and at-risk opportunities with deep insights on gaps that will lead to closure.
  • Maintain pipeline control with lead management with most intricate information of the prospects.
  • Project upcoming deals that are likely to close and keep you in control.

Sales Leaderboard

It needs a lot more to keep your sales team excited and raise their performance by inspiration. With Sales board tracking your top performers, predict future winners, and plan training, sales commissions and incentives accordingly.

  • Use drill view to see each sales executives average sales cycle and deal size
  • Track high performers and Sales Board statistics on your mobile where ever you.
  • Make your incentive plan to the needs of individuals and teams for them to stay on course.

BI Reports & Dashboards

Ceo with BI

Analyze and segment, target customers and prospects to increase conversion rates and revenue. Manage pipeline and forecast. Improve tracking of performance against goals. Freely explore sales data to improve targeting and call-list quality. Boost revenue. Uncover new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Increase conversions.

Improve pipeline control and revenue performance. Identify risks to revenue. Create better collaboration between managers and sales teams. Empower your sales teams with direct access to real-time data on customers and inventory. Make smarter decisions with timely CRM data taking the complexity out of analysis.


  • Increase sales using “fact-based” selling tools.
  • Build profits by targeting profitable activities.
  • Increase customer loyalty and retain customers for life.
  • Increase the accuracy and timeliness of sales forecasts
  • Increase the proportion of high-value customers in your customer mix.
  • Reduce low-yield activities in the sales process.
  • Achieve budgeted sales.

Data Visualization

Ceo with BI

Want to see your sales cycle length in real-time, time to lead to sales closure and if that is not enough identify the risk of loosing a deal and possible reasons for it to address it in real time. Yes, Of course that is your dream come true and what more if they are stunning, intuitive visualizations, why not.


  • Monitor the accuracy and timeliness of meeting the sales forecasts for achieving the targets.
  • Increase the proportion of high-value customers in your customer mix by defining and evolving the key parameters of success.
  • Eliminate and prioritize wasteful activities in your sales plan.

Advanced Analytics

Ceo with BI

It doesn’t make sense to check deals in one place and sales executive performance in another. Sunovaa customized solutions based on the best of the breed BI & Analytics tools bring all the sales metrics you care about into a single dashboard.

Evaluate all the parameter in the context that defines the funnel to bottom-line revenue with the Industry and performance with competitors and baseline the performance.


  • Bring all your sales success KPIs in one single screen for managing sales funnel.
  • Use predictive analytics on sales efficacy and identifying prospect through various sources.
  • Revenue maximization by predicting and managing the Customer Life cycle.

Data Services

Ceo with BI

Connect to any source of sales data, so you can see everything from expenses to forecasts to lead sources in one place.

Critical information shouldn’t require tedious data exporting and manipulation. Let Sunovaa customized solutions on the best of the technology applications do the trick for you.


  • Maintain Sales data integrity for the prospects and customers for the success of the organization.
  • Cost of customer acquisition calculation requires the organization closely monitor the expense statements.
  • Revenue maximization by identifying triggers for call to action in customer data management on various parameters.