Customer Service
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Customer Service

A satisfied customer that what you strive for, Get the insights to serve them well.

Customer is the reason for any organization to exist and customer service is the bridge between the customer and the organization. To know the pulse of the customer collection of feedback from all sources of communication is a must my it be customer support, call center, service center, online message or help desk.

Assessing customers' needs requires much deeper understanding and not a feedback form filled by the customer. There are multiple ways to collect feedback, but that's only the first step. The most difficult part is knowing the next steps for having a fruitful engagement and deliver customer satisfaction.

Now you don't need to log into all the systems for simple reports. Sunovaa customized solutions on the best of the BI & Analytics application help to deliver data on in the format that helps you build meaningful customer engagement.

Solution by Role


Customer service is the key tool for organizations to judge how is the company is performing in the market and stacked up against the customers. You are the person of the hour; you need to find answers to the queries your team. To do that you need to have the deep insights and information. Sunovaa customized solutions and services precisely do that for you.

  • Call center data on call received, calls made, Complaint tickets, resolved and time taken for resolutions and overall the expenses incurred on the customer call center.
  • Help Desk for technical queries, resolutions online or over phone, actual site visit scheduled and made.
  • Tickets raised, resolved, time take for resolution, severity of the tickets etc. is must for Product & technical queries of customers.
  • Overall, understand the customer satisfaction level and what are the key common issues that are coming up and schedule trainings to handle it.

Call Center

Call center are inundated with all kinds of calls, but the value of the call center is not defined by the number of calls but is defined by meeting the customer expectations. Customers expect you to know the answers to all questions, not an easy place to be in. Increase your "Thank You" on the customer's calls rather than rude drop of the calls. You need to have deep insights into the interactions and parameters that will increase the positive interactions.

  • No of calls received by each call center, level of escalation, seasonality, kind of interaction rating for evaluating customer happiness.
  • Call center Associate/Agent productivity, number of calls made, call abandoned etc.

Product Support

Product support is very sensitive department as it addresses the customers who are already irate or at the end of their patience level. The first and foremost need is address to their anxiety and lower the temperature of the conversation.

Organization also needs to understand the customer issues and provide a comprehensive report to the product development team to make necessary changes in the products. Sunovaa BI & Analytics solutions helps you to address them in real time by collaborating the various aspects of interactions.

  • No of product complaints received, complaints types, and resolution time.
  • Service calls by clients, priority, team, location, type of product all needs to be classified and understood for a action plan to be on top of it.

BI Reports & Dashboard

Ceo with BI

Connect to any source of services data and brings it all together in one place with no time spend digging for what you need, and more time using it, raw data can be hard to sift through.


  • Reports just how you need it based on the data representation the way you configure your services data.
  • Monitor the services teams across multiple channels every day—email, text, group chats where the data lives, so nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Shift from reactionary practices to proactive ones anticipating your customer needs instead of merely responding.

Data Visualization

Ceo with BI

“Appealing” isn’t a word normally associated with bar graphs, pie charts, and plots. Sunovaa Solutions changes that. Instead of merely responding to your customers’ needs, anticipate them. Sunovaa Solutions give you the tools you need to shift from reactionary practices to proactive ones.


  • Maintain the customer engagement of services teams across multiple channels every day—email, text, group chats, carrier pigeons where the data lives, so nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Use customer service engagements for meeting the SLA’s agreed upon in real time for customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain the logs of customer interactions in real time and provide feedback to various departments for enhancing the customer experiences.

Advanced Analytics

Ceo with BI

Services teams communicate across multiple channels every day—email, text, group chats, carrier pigeons. Sunovaa Solutions lets you work together right where the data lives, so nothing gets lost in translation.


  • Get 360-degree view of the organization for delivering customer experience.
  • Aggregation and developing customer insights through various engagement is the base of customer centric organization.
  • Predictive analytics for behavior patterns that will help launching of new innovative services or products.

Data Services

Ceo with BI

Raw data can be hard to sift through. Sunovaa Solutions extract, cleans, and configures your services data just how you need it. Sunovaa Solutions connect to any source of services data and brings it all together in one place. That means less time digging for what you need, and more time using it.


  • Manage the integrity of customer data with real time update of activities.
  • Manage third party data through data import solutions.
  • Identify the duplicates and “Do Not Email” data for e-mail and campaign governance of all campaigns.