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Efficient Network, Customer Intelligence is critical. Tune into BI Reports, Dashboard, Predictive and Big Data Analytics and watch your bottom line go north.

Connecting the world through Digital World has been the major initiatives by most of the World Leaders for accelerated growth. The Telecom sector has been the driving force in being a catalyst for many of the social initiatives i.e. Mobile Banking, Education, Transparent Governance to count a few of them.

As a telecommunications executive, you're focused on developing on building new and emerging business models to acquire and retain customers with a responsibility of social initiatives. Sunovaa customized analytics, reporting, dash board and data solutions on the cutting edge technologies provides you the where with all's to:

Gain competitive insights from your network and customer data

  • Improve overall network performance.
  • Technology adoption and convergence for other industries.
  • Constantly improving network security.
  • Fraud detection and misuse of the network.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and reduce churn.
  • Increase revenue.

BI Reports & Dashboard

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As the mobile ecosystem expands at record pace, you need CSAT scores, subscriber revenue and more in real-time. Spend analysis, KYC, Call drops and over all profitability optimization by tracking machine data in real time.

BI Reports and Dashboards can provide you the key information to keep TELCOs & service providers way ahead of customers and clients by connecting to all your data, tracking it in real-time and creating beautiful visualizations you can’t wait to share.


  • Compare customer conversion, growth and attrition rates
  • See marketing ROI
  • Track gross renewals
  • Improve subscriber upsells
  • KYC & compliance tracking
  • Simplifying Real time machine data for better understanding and decision-making

Data Visualization

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Blending network and complex customer data

Quite possibly the originators of Big Data, today’s telecommunications companies must account for a broad range of non-traditional data sources, including social logs, demographic data, relationships between family members, calling and texting patterns, and even web-browsing activities of customers visiting competitors’ websites.

Given this seemingly endless volume of information available from a variety of data sets and formats, consolidating a 360-degree view of the customer is not only a tall order – it’s a competitive necessity.

WWith Sunovaa Data Visualization, Analytics & Data Services solutions users can better analyze profitability and capacity, detect fraud, provide revenue assurance, and monitor customer service at call centers.


  • Boost customer satisfaction and reduce churn with visibility into call center effectiveness, network performance, and more.
  • Increase revenue per user through aggregated information on how customers use the network, pinpointing opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Improve network performance by analyzing resource utilization and network operations.
  • Develop new products and markets as a result of a clearer understanding of distinct customer needs, market trends, competitive offerings, and uncultivated areas for expansion.

Advanced Analytics

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Media & Telecom service providers are sitting on a pile of data. Most are considering monetization of network data and content that can provide valuable insights and create a platform for improved services and next best offers (NBO) to enhance revenue and optimize costs. Due to the exponential growth of communication channels, content and consumer touch points Media & Telecom organizations need to leverage analytics to capture consumers’ attention.  With increased competitiveness, business regulations and customer fluctuations, Advanced analytics provide a significant competitive edge by moving toward real-time decision making in a customer-centric telecommunication business.

With increased competitiveness, business regulations and customer fluctuations, Advanced analytics provide a significant competitive edge by moving toward real-time decision making in a customer-centric telecommunication business.

Making the most of what exists

The value of data analytics, as it relates to the telecom sector, lies in the solution’s ability to show industry leaders how their services are being used. For instance, assessing how much video the average telecom customer accesses on a daily basis gives companies a clear picture of how its assets (multiplexers, optical fiber transmission lines and satellites) can be leveraged to improve the delivery of such content. 

Each telecom provider has spent billions of dollars establishing a nationwide or continental infrastructure; it doesn't make much sense for a telecom company to replace existing property with more advanced assets. 

Is real-time analytics the answer?

The key two assets telecom companies already have in their arsenal:
Probes are implementations that collect information for the sake of delivering it to solutions capable of analyzing it.
Appliances are devices capable of both aggregating and scrutinizing data, but the finished intelligence produced by these processes is stored locally (wherever the appliances exist).


  • The latter of the two assets are usually assigned to carry out certain tasks, such monitoring the performance of other systems or making security assessments.
  • Appliances and probes serve as valuable sources of information for real-time analytics software – a connection between the three simply needs to be established. The following efforts have come to fruition:
  • Telecoms have been able to significantly reduce data packet loss, which occurs when networks are overloaded.
  • Real-time time stamping creates exact measurements of jitter and delay in mobile networks, allowing telecoms to improve customer experiences.
  • By considering [real-time big data analysis] in a more strategic way, [telecom network managers] will gain a better source of information for planning decisions, while opening up new opportunities for additional services.
  • It efficiently bundles the right set of product offerings forcustomers by analyzing customer needs.
  • It develops a marketing program and a budget that fitsprojected outcomes.

Data Services

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Telecommunication network and service provider company margins are under siege, squeezed between the commoditization of voice, data, and messaging services on one side, and the high costs of building and operating high-capacity networks on the other. Sunovaa Data Management solutions for the telecom industry can help you operate more efficiently in an industry that is constantly evolving, facing new competition and many times over burdened by regulatory requirements. Our advanced data services solutions can help you optimize your database operations, ensure efficient network utilization and improve the flow, integration and interpretation of critical data needed to make key business decisions.

Let Us Drive Greater Performance

Sunovaa data services solutions can give you the power, speed and agility to manage and extract data from huge, ever-growing OSS and BSS systems to turn it into actionable business intelligence. Let us help you make your database and computing platform more responsive, scalable and robust to give you the data and business insight you need to improve.


  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Business insight and decision-making
  • Network optimization
  • Traffic engineering, routing and capacity planning
  • Customer transaction system speed
  • Support for marketing and new product introductions
  • Supply chain performance assessments and quantify areas for improvement
  • Employee and distribution channel productivity
  • Merchandising, promotion and order-to-cash management
  • Collections and reduce risk of bad debts
  • System and customer record security and compliance