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Logistics & Transportation

Insight into fleet & logistics data is crucial to remain competitive, Take control of your business reporting.

Logistics & Transportation companies can transition to demand networks from supply chain silos. Logistics & Transportation companies can adapt to today's realities of fleet management with a direct impact occurring from volatile markets, product and order customization, same-day delivery, and increased regulations.

These challenges require introducing innovative business processes that can build leaner, more agile, customer-oriented supply chains with Sunovaa solutions.

BI Reports & Dashboard

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To run the business smoothly Logistics and Transportation companies are required to monitor Sales, inventory, Operations planning, Transportation management , Warehouse management and Supply chain integrity enabling overall increase in profitability of operations, timely delivery etc.

Sunovaa has developed customized analytics, reporting and dashboard solutions over the best of the industry tools to deliver business outcomes that provides you the complete picture of your business.


  • Integrate inventory-level planning with strategic, financial, sales, and operational goals. Supply Chain Intelligence Solution can provide a concise “dashboard” to Visually present time-based key Performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Run multimodal, domestic, or international transportation processes in a holistic solution. Automated analytical “filters” can alert you to changing trends – at-risk suppliers or emerging warranty issues, for example – in time to take appropriate action.
  • Manage distribution centers and production warehouses with improved quality and lower costs. The scorecard contains measures that help describe external Performance as well as internal performance at all levels of the supply chain Processes.
  • Lower risk, protect the brand, and deliver safe, high-quality products while in compliance.

Data Visualization

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Access all your transportation; sales and customer data with ASunovaa custom built Data Visualization solutions. To remain competitive companies need to access all of their data that can be siloes across the organization.   Sunovaa deep understanding of the domain expertise in-built in the custom analytics and reporting solution allow you to quickly acquire and integrate your customer information, vehicle and transportation data and pricing quotes into one source. Export accurate data for analysis for visualization. Access and blend all your data for analysis.

  • Maximize profitability by analyzing the entire supply chain performance
  • Improve on-time delivery with visibility into inventory in transit and events that may impact timing
  • Improve collaboration through greater visibility into data from suppliers and carriers
  • Monitor and manage costs, fuel consumption, capacity, discrepancies and slippage
  • Simplify compliance reporting by tracking and drilling down into detailed delivery information
  • Streamline complex projects by easily sharing information with colleagues, partners, and suppliers

Advanced Analytics

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The vast amounts of data generated in the flow of goods through the supply chain coupled with the availability of impactful data through external sources must be leveraged by logistics and Transportation firms to improve fleet performance.

Sunovaa integrates the use cases for advanced analytics solutions in fleet management include dynamic routing, predictive maintenance, and network optimization, among others.


  • Supply chain tracking:Notification when a shipment is opened or if the contents have been exposed to light.
  • Alert systems in real terms:Real-time alerts and analytics between trusted parties regarding the above vital signs of a shipment.
  • Build efficiencies into the supply chain:Productivity, collaboration, speed and visibility can be maximized, while time spent manually monitoring events can be minimized.
  • Improve relationships with supply chain stakeholders:Better visibility can translate into better relations with vendors, suppliers, carriers, distributers, warehousers, and customers.
  • Be agile and proactive:Information can help companies to identify issues early, and proactively respond before problems affect efficiency.
  • Build efficiencies in fleet management:Entire life cycle of fleets from orgin till the end of delivery monitoring provides the means to provide customer information on deliveries in real time and meeting the SLAs.
  • Critical monitoring of KPI’s in Logistics:Monitoring in Application of advanced analytics driven ‘control metrics’ can monitor real time critical events and KPI’s through multiple touch points. When combined with predictive analytics, these metrics can provide valuable savings in areas such as freight optimization of the customer.

Data Services

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"Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine." The excitement is not simply about the scale and speed of information generation. It is also about big data's potential impact.

Achieving such gains has proven difficult for many organizations as they attempt to leverage big data, particularly those new to using analytics. Tools and techniques are now emerging to help companies realize the potential at the core of big data excitement. I see this potential in our work for supply chain optimization.


  • Overlaying data quality & integerity of the entire supply chain helps companies understand the location of pain points, identify bottlenecks and prioritize the addressing of these challenges to improve supply chain efficiency.
  • The confluence of faster data access enables interactive business intelligence and big data solution that promotes timely and data-driven business decisions, and new methods make it more likely that future supply chain optimization will be continuous.
  • leverage their historic data sources to optimize service levels, augment investment decisions, and improve supplier performance and quality controls.
  • Monitoring the essential data for performance improvement initiatives and provide visibility of supply chain activities.Increasing supply chain efficiency begins with enhancing basic metrics and reporting.
  • Reducing cost fluctuations by optimizing sourcing and logistics activities.